HARDEN'S HORSE CAMP - 5551 Hickory Grove Road Norman Indiana 47264
 Harden's Gaited Stables
is home of the Mountain horse
the kind of horse that steps out of your dreams & into your heart. Gaited horses come in many varieties but none surpass the quality & smoothness of the Mountain Horse. The Mountain Horses exhibit the perfect four beat natural rhythm the breed is noted for & have exceptional winning dispositions.
We are a small farm located just out of Clay City Indiana & at Hickory Grove Road Norman Indiana by the Hoosier National Forest by Trail 2. We have had Mountain Horses since 1990 & are representing some of the breeds finest bloodlines in the Kentucky & Rocky Mountain Horses. If you are looking for good quality & well trained mountain horses let us help. We stand a stallion, train the horse & rider. Horses are trained all naturally starting with the very important ground work & no devices. We also sale a few horses but if what we have for sale doesn't fit your needs let us help you find one that does. We are volunteers & sponsors of the Special Olympics Equestrain of Indiana. Members of Indiana Horse Council Life time, RMHA, Tri-State RMHA, KMSHA Life time, Indiana-KMSH Club, charpter life time, Indiana Trail Riders Association & the Hoosier Back Country Horseman.
Examiners for the Rocky & Kentucky Mountain Associations.
At Harden's Gaited Stables all horses display the fine characteristics of the Kentucky & Rocky Mountain breeds. Our stallions have proven themselves on the trails, in the breeding barn & in the show ring.
Harden's Gaited Stables is the 2003 & 2004 winners of the EC Regional High points Trail Obstacle, Amateur Owned & Trained, Western Pleasure, Trail Pleasure & the Versatility Awards And our horses were champions winning the 1, 2 & 3 places in the Western Pleasure Class.Our Stallions & Horses have won many awards in pleasure, conformation & versatility classes. Many awards in speed  & gaited barrels, flags & poles, as well as the Extreme Cowboy competitions & competitive Trail Races. But where we enjoy these horses the most is out on the Trails where you can almost always find us. Come join us any time and HGS gates are always open to visitors come check us out any time.
 **Our training is done all naturally ,no devices and we start with the very important ground work. Your horse gets rode each day and we only take on two horses a month to see to this. They also get rode out in the woods not just a lot/ round pen. Your horse gets trained out on the trails as we have a campground right by the Hoosier National Forest. Come  camp with us any time . We exspecially like our customer to come camp & work with their horse.We have trained horses from all over Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tenn. and Illinois.  Check out our Testimonials page.
Thank You Everyone who booked with us in 2014 & to all those who have already booked for training & breedings for 2015
2015 is booking so call 812-939-2369, cell 236-9695 or 
e-mail july@ticz.com to get your horse in for 2015
                 dont forget to book your mares to our stallions also & make sure to ask about our April special..
 Mostly you will fined us & our horses out on the trails where our true love is.
 We welcome all to come join us camping & trail riding any time.
We just purchased ground by trail 2 of the Hoosier National Forest do come ride with us. Our campground is ready for campers starting May 2015.
 we will be moving there in the future.
 If you want to know about us or our horses Please ask us
 We want Happy Horse Owners & Horses. 
Thats our way of doing business. Honesty is the best policy.
e-mail  july@ticz.com       
                            call  812-939-2369      812-236-0373      812-236-9695
Some of our winnings: We are no longer showing (ended 2009) but we are hitting the trails hard where are true love is. Join us any time.
Our horses won 1,2 & 3 Trail Pleasure & the Championship
Won by Stallion Master's Blue Gusto & Harrison              Won by Little Joe & Bobbie
       King's Blazin Raisin   Tri-State Rocky                 
                                                                                                                                                                         Championship wins 2009
                                                                                            in one show by
                                                                                         Master's Blue Gusto
                                                                                          Little Joe 
                                                                                         King's Blazin Raisin
                                                                                      just a few of of the wins
                           If you want to see man's scenery ride in a car
If you want to see God's scenery Ride a Horse
  Blue Smokin Sunday & Master's Blue Gusto
at Rudy's Ranch
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