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Just a few words from some of our clients & new friends along the way:
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  Nancy Andersen: Harrison, You are a great trainer. We have sold both girls that you trained & they both are doing Fantastic.
Teresa Thomas: Who needs Buck Brannaman or Pat Parelli when you have Harrison Harden.
Nancy Meyers: Totally agree! I have one of their home-grown babies, trained by the Harden's (Scooter) & he is awesome trail horse. They have my utmost respect as trainers.
Lynn Meier: Could not ask for a better trainer for your gaited horse. He has trained two of mine.
2011 Kentucky
We have had Harrison train six horses for us over the last few years. We've never been dissappointed with the results. What we have always liked is that they are ready to be trail ridden by us after only 30 days, or sometimes less. Harrison gets them to accept the saddle readily and stand when mounting. He has always asked if the horse needs anything special. CJ was scared of the mounting block so he worked with her on that while we were standing around. Before we left his place, she was standing still with me on the top step! I guess the best thing about Harrison riding your horse is that they get lots of trail experience. The last horse that Harrison trained for us went to Brown Co. the first week he was with Harrison. When we took him back three weeks later, it was like he had been riding there for years. By the end of the third day, he neck regned most of the time, never spooked at any thing, and would ride out front, in the midddle or in the back.  We have sold horses to people across the U.S. and we feel that they all sold because of how well they rode out. We have a mare in CA. that the lady swears is the best riding horse she has ever seen. A couple in IN. bought a gelding that Harrison trained for us and thier granddaughters are riding him in 4-H.  My wife Pat wanted me to add that she had  total confidence in Harrison. She is not a experienced rider, however, she was never afraid to take a horse on that dreaded "first" trail ride after Harrison had trained them for 30 days.  Another great thing about Harrison training our horses, was that we never worried about them being mistreated. He handles your horse like you would like him to be treated. Also, if your horse isn't shod when you send him, Harrison knows a very good farrier!
Mike & Pat Bosley
Owensboro, Ky.
2011 Indiana
Harrison & Bobbie,
Just wanted to follow up and say Thanks for the excellent job Harrison did breaking Jewel for us. We have had her home for a month & half now and Kayla could not be happier. We thought we had a pretty good mare in Jewel before we brought her to your place but now we are conviced. The time and effort that Harrison put into getting Jewel broke and trail ready is really showing. Kayla has been working to keep her riding and ground training up. She is well on her way to having a lifetime friend and trail buddy for  trails ahead. Thanks again for all your training with Jewel. We will keep things going this winter and will be ready for the trails this spring.
Chuck Shoulders
2011 Ohio
Just wanted to stop by and say Thank You again for the WONDERFUL job you did starting Bella under saddle! She's much farther along than I EVER imagined she could be in 30 days-especially given the weather we've had this spring! Harrison, you are a very talented man! Love ya both Amy & Bella
2010 Indiana
Thanks guys for the wonderful job you did with Irish. When I booked that spot several months ago, I wasnt sure who I was going to send you, and really didnt plan on sending you such a spooky basket case for the frist one, I just wanted to send a young green horse and get an ideal of what kind of start you could put on one in a month's time. Very impressed with what you managed with her in that short time, you guys really exceeded my expectations. Cant wait to send you one that's had a little better start in life, and see how what you accomplish with that. So nice to have found someone I can really trust for real world trail training, and so close That's awesome.
Charla McCullough
2010 Indiana
The frist time I met Harrison & Bobbie I took my newly purchased Rocky mare to Harrison. I was new to gaited horses and did not know what I needed to work with her. She had some problems left from her previous trainer as a 2 year old. She was five at this time and she had not been ridden since was started at 2. Harrison worked with the mare and myself one entire day. His clam and professional help made our first work out together a positive one and set the stage for our future. I was so impressed with Harrison's help that day. When I had her 2 1/2 year old son to train, I got a slot in Harrison's busy training schedule for him.
Sweets just finished his 30 days of training with Harrison and I am very Happy with what he learned. He is clam. This is an important part of the training for me. I know part of his clam demeanor is his breeding but another large portion of his clamness is the training he received. He is still a green colt but he rides with much more maturity than you would think a young horse would have. I attribute this to Harrison's handling of him.
Harrison encouraged me to come over and watch him work with the colt and to take an active part in his training. I basically went to class myself once a week when I went over to see how Sweets was doing.Harrison worked him and I saw how he was coming along. Then I would work with him and Harrison would point out how he was training the colt so that I could keep up in the same way and not confuse him. Harrison was patient and clam with both of us and answered my questions thoroughly. I was very happy to work with him and learn how he was training the colt.
Sweets is still learning but he is going to make me a clam well mannered horse. Unless I do something to cause him to pick up bad habits.
Harrison gave him a good start with excellent training in a clam way. It is now up to me to keep him on the path to being a great riding companion.
Thank You Harrison,
Toni Sammy
2010 Indiana
Hey guys it has been a long time since I have talked to you. I just wanted to let you know EZ has been doing really good. I really enjoy gaiting.I wasnt sure I liked it at first, but we are both having a really good time with it now. I had the opportunity to take EZ to Shawnee National Forest with several other gaited horses and had a blast. I still ride him like a quarter horse sometimes when I ride with my quarter horse friends, but he does just as well when I ride with my gaited friends. EZ doesnt care which way we ride he just goes with the flow. He even gaits out in the pasture now, I hardly ever see a trot out of him anymore. THANK YOU for the time you spent with EZ and getting him to gait. We already had fun together but now it is even better with him being able to perform at his full potential.
Julie Irwin
2010 Ohio
Harrison & Bobbie,
I've been showing Newman as we call him (Doc's Sundance Star) at the Rocky Mountain International this week and I just wanted to let you know how he's done so far.
1st in AM. Owned/Trained 3 & 4 year old trail pleasure ,3rd Open Trail Pleasure Geldings, 4th Ladies AOT Trail Pleasure, 6th Conformation.
He's qualified for the Trail Pleasure Geldings Grand Champion & the AOT Grand Champion on Saturday.  It's been a real exciting show, all classes were very competitive with lots of entries. This horse has really gone way beyond our expectations, but we couldnt have done it without your help.
We can't say Thanks enough,
Jennifer Wright
On Saturday then he received Reserve Champion Trail Pleasure Gelding & 7th in AOT Grandchampionship.
2010 Indiana
We picked up my Cup of Joe, Rocky Mountain Horse from Harrison & Bobbie Harden, Harden's Gaited Stables. Awesome people that really know what they are doing Gentle, Caring with horses, No worries your horse is being mistreated or not trained. Harrison works with the rider (owner of horse) on riding his/her horse also and you are welcome to go see your horse any time you want to. FUN People!
I recommend them Highly to anyone who wants their Gaited Horse Trained.
Lynn Meier
 2009 Indiana
   “The level of service at Harden's Gaited Stables is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of The Harden's  Thank you!”
Tammy Richardson
2009 Illinois
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company& trainer you can trust. Harden's Gaited Stables was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Betty Smith
2009 Ohio
It is rare that I ever give anyone my recommendation for training horses, but I highly recommend Harden's Gaited Stables for all your gaited training needs. I've been in the gaited horse business, mostly show and some trail with several breeds, for nearly 30 years now, and I've experienced the best and the worst from horse trainers. With Harrison and Bobbie, it's all the best! When you leave a horse with Harrison, it gets ridden! Really, Im not joking!!!! But what's more, your horse will have impeccable manners and will have been exposed to all things spooky (at least in a horse's mind) and you will be able to ride it when you get home!
One reason I chose Harrison to work with one of my young KMSHA geldings is because, fortunately with Mountain horses, you can train your show horse on the trail (and not all Mountain horse trainers will do that, either) , and where better to train than on the trail? So, after seeing him exhibit one of his fine stallions at the Hoosier Horse Fair, I knew this was the right guy to train my horse.
What's so impressive is that there is no use of hash bits, no devices, nothing artificial. Your horse truly gets the attention it deserves because Harrison takes only one or two horses at a time, and HE is the one riding your horse, unlike some of the large "mega stables" where you have no idea who is riding your horse, if it's being ridden at all. I also love that Harrison and Bobbie are so down-to-earth. Your horse will be treated as if it were one of their own. I can't say enough!
I will be showing my gelding in trail pleasure, trail obstacle, and conformation classes at the KMSHA and RMHA shows in 2010. I invite you to come see the results that Harrison and Bobbie helped me achieve with my gelding, Buddy Newman.
Jennifer Wright
1990 TWHB&EA Youth Supreme Versatility Champion,
winner of numerous titles in both the Walking and Racking horse industries,
and owner of 3W Show Stock, home of fine show Swine and Mountain Horses
2009 Indiana
Hi Bobbi & Harrison! Just wanted to drop you a note & let you know Scooter is doing great. He has been such a good boy! We both really love him, good ground manners, excellent stall habits, good pasture buddy & fun to ride. We have been camping with him in Brown Co. a couple of times, plus several day rides to Brown County & Owen -Putman. I haven't let Fred ride him yet. Hee, hee! Thanks for this great horse!
 Nancy :-)
Sept. 2009 Hi Bobbie & Harrison: Just wanted to send you both an update on Scooter. He is doing awesome for us & we could not be happier with him. He has been on numerous camping/trail riding outings with us & done a terrific job EVERY time. He handles the most challenging & technical trails with the greatest of ease. The little "extra" things you taught him, like side passing, have been great as he will side pass up to a picnic table or stump for me to get off. (For a short person on a tall horse that is wonderful)
Our horse Country, that you worked with is doing great as well. Fred is very pleased with the improvement of his gait & enjoying his ride. If "word of mouth" would make you rich, you should never worry about winning the lottery!
Best regards,
Nancy & Fred Meyers  
Nov. 2009
Hi Harrison & Bobbie, Hope you got to enjoy this past beautiful weekend on horseback. We were in Brown County camping/riding for 3 days. We sure hated leaving the park Sunday afternoon knowing it was our last camping trip for the season. I also wanted to share the fact that I had one of the best riding seasons I can remember because of Scooter. He has been an awesome horse for me. I wish I could at least report one "issue" that Iam working on with him, but I cannot! He has never missed a beat or done anything wrong! Thank You for this wonderful Horse!
Best regards,
Nancy Meyers
June 2009 Indiana
When you buy a 2 going on 3year old horse, you always take a chance on how they are going to be when they "grow up" , even more so for a gaited horse. My husband Bill and I brought Romeo's Rocketman from Deitz's in Septmber of "07". Romeo is everything we wanted in a horse that Bill (occasional rider) and I (serious rider) would both ride. Being young Romeo was not set in his gait when we bought him, and in fact tried to do several gaits. We decided to take Romeo to Harden's Gaited Stables to be set in his gait, get certified for registration with the KMSHA, and for us to learn what we needed to do to keep him in gait. I have ridden with Harrison & Bobbie and watched them show their/or clients horses and admired the way they handled and rode them. Romeo was at Harden's during June of "09" where Harrison & Bobbie worked him for 3 weeks. We were thrilled when we went to pick him up: you could tell Romeo had been ridden a lot by looking at him (muscled up) and he was gaiting easlly and staying in gait. Our big red boy is a joy to ride, and handle, having him gait nice is just the icing on the cake. Romeo continues to improve with riding at home and on the trail.
I am happy to recommend Harden's Gaited Stables. Thanks Harrison & Bobbie
Bill & Kim Dimmick
Dec. 2009 Arizona
Dear Harrison & Bobbie,
This is the hardest note I have ever written Ever.
Dancer & I had a wonderful life together we rode every mountain and valley and trail around here and especially last summer. It was so beautiful and wonderful. She was always a total lady on the trail and never kicked or threathen any other horse. She always went where I asked her and we often rode along. She was the most Beautiful Rocky Mountain Horse/ Kentucky Mountain they will ever make. We had gotten to the point of almost reading each other's minds and it only took the slightest cue to give her direction. From the time she was trained at your house we were off and running. About the age of four she suddenly seemed to become spooky and jumpy on the trail...But we kept riding. Then she started to have issues when her girth was tightened up where all her muscles would twitch. We had chiropractors out for horses and three vets looked at her and all kinds of blood panels. They said she had low thyroid and was insulin resistant. We went on special diets and I fed her every three hours every day and gave her thyroid, chromium and magesium in addition to a great and frequent daily diet. We kept riding. Then suddenly she could not lower her head to eat and seemed blind and began walking into things. I spent over $2000.00 at the best clinic around ..They could not pin point the problem. I did not give up but found a vet who put her on steroids to reduce the inflamtion in her brain and antibiotics and banamine to also reduce any inflamation and she came back around and we went off riding again. She was so brave and we both so loved the mountains. When I was out riding with another couple at the end of summer we went down a mountain chute and she collapsed and fell on me and pinned me. It was very steep and she had to roll uphill (not the easy way down hillside) in order to save my life. She was very weak and tried so hard to get up going uphill..she tried so hard and then somehow managed to get off of me. I saw her turn around to see if I was okay and then she collapsed in between two hugh boulders and was pinned. I managed to pull myself up and had no cell phone reception so I asked the other couple to go down into town and get help. Dancer and I stayed together, she was trying to thrash herself free and I was trying to hold her down. There was no way she could have gotten out of the boulders pinning her by herself with out breaking all her legs.  We waited 45 minutes together and I started trying to dig the boulders out from the bottom..they were so big and heavy. Suddenly a man came down the trail with a paramedic outfit on and said he was there to help. fortunally he was a young and huge man and tried so hard to move the huge rocks. He called others to help and slowly they came but they wanted to take me away to the hospital and I simply told them that they had better call for more help to get my horse out because I was not leaving without her. They got twelve men there and all stood in a line and inched the boulders away from her. It was not working then they were going to give up and I pledged that they try again so they all did and somehow they got them away enough that she could get up. When she did get up I was so scared that she had broken a hip or leg.But all was intact. Except she was so weak that she could hardly walk. Some of the men got in front and some in back and they literally lifted her out of the trail to the trailer. I was so swollen that I could hardly get in the truck but drove her right to the vets and they still could not find the cause of all this. I had by this time had her tested for EPM, West Nile, Parasites or protasoa that could infulence her brain. All test and blood work came back normal. Once again we put her on steroids, banamine and antibiotics and she came back. Then about two months later it all started again and she could not lower he head or see. Again we gave her the steroids ect. and she came back and we were again back out riding. Then on December 30th I went out at 6:30 to feed her and she was standing in the corner of her stall resting her head on the wall feeder and could not move. The vet came in 25 minutes and said that he wanted to just move her outside and she flipped over in the air and just missed hitting my head (again saving my life) and was seizuring and we could not bring her back. The final diagnosis was that she had a brain tumor and because it just kept coming back harder and faster and because we had tested her and treated her for everything else...it was what finally ended her life. It was something after two years of trying that could not be fixed..needless to say it has destoryed me it has been a month and I still cry every night. Dancer was 6 years old but I can tell you she rode everyday with me no matter what and she never lacked for anything to give her a good life. She was always treated with kindness and she was a Happy Horse she probably did and saw more in her short lifetime than others ever will. I feel so fortunate that she was such a wonderful part of my life and she will always be a part of me Always.
Mary Merchant
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