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We have a BIG announcement to make after the first of the year stay tuned!
For 2012 we are already booked to August 
          e-mail july@ticz.com or call 812-939-2369
      dont forget to book your mares to our stallion
Thank You to everyone who booked a horse for training
or breeding last year 2011
I have been having computer troubles Bad! So if e-mail me & you dont hear back.. Please call..
Harden's Gaited Stables has been training the Gaited Horse since 1990 along with the rider. Not only do we ride your horse every day but we take them camping & trail riding with us so they get the full experience. Book your horse today & don't forget to book your mares to our stallion.
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                                 Horses FOR SALE:
                          Master's Blazin Beauty We call her BB 
Black & one pretty filly
DOB: April 11, 2010
Sire: Master's Blue Gusto x Blue Smokin' Sambo x Clemons Tim x Tobe
Dam: King's Blazin Raisin x Sebastian's Mountain King x Buddy Roe x Sewell's Sam x Tobe
She is a real sweetheart & will be around 15 hands Just think of the beautiful babies she will produce
registered: Kentucky/Rocky
This BB now at 2 years old we are starting to train her
                                                Thunder Valley Fireball
                                                                                                                                            Thunder is a Bay gelding DOB: Sept. 9 2006 14.3 hands
Sire: Harden's Movin'  Moses x Blue Smokin Sambo x Clemons Tim x Tobe
Dam: Combs Hello Dolly x Jolly Joe x Dock
Registered Rocky mountain
He has a really smooth gait. Will make a good trail horse
We have rode this horse out on the trails all summer & he does a great job, not spooky & is smooth. For someone who can ride...
Master's Black Diamond we call her Girl
 a filly born April 20, 2011   Black  Black M/T    Rocky/Kentucky mountain
  Sire: Master's Blue Gusto    Dam: King's Blazin  Raisin
This filly is a real sweet heart & is going to make an excellent horse for whatever you want  show, trail, competitive
...All of our horses goes to Good Homes Only...
Whats new at HGS:
we will be on stallion row at the Hoosier Horse Fair for 2012 April13-15 with "Master's Blue Gusto" Make sure to stop by & say "Howdy"
New year 2012
 April: Sorry I have not up-dated for sometime but my computer crashed & Im just now back (hopefully) after 3 months. I hope to have this up to date in a few weeks. For now we are getting everything ready for the Hoosier Horse Fair April 13-15 We will be on Stallion Row with our stallion "Master's Blue Gusto" known as Gus. We will have a special price for anyone booking a breeding at the HHF or the month of April dont miss out on this . Make sure to cheer as on as we show Gus starts at noon each day & stop by our booth & say Howdy we will be showing for the Indiana Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Club.
New year at HGS 2011:
It is hard to believe in just a few short days it will be 2012. We have been busy getting some things done around the home front that always gets set aside as training takes up all our spring , summer & fall. we are grateful for the good weather we have had here so far. We know it won't last. :(  we still have a few horses for sale as we want to cut our herd back, so if looking for a horse please let us show you what we have.  We are already booked for our training to August 2012 we Thank everyone who has already booked & if you are wanting a horse trained give us a call before we book full and dont forget to book your mare to our stallion. We are looking forward to the new year & the new that is coming our way.. So excited! 
 We look forward to seeing you on the trails & come ride with us any time. 
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012,
Harrison & Bobbie
Nov: The week of vacation at Midwest was wonderful. The two Icelandics done a wonderful job out on the trails. They are going to make someone excellent trail horses. They are for sale if interested e-mail me. we have been enjoying the farm & getting caught up on things that needed done. Hoping the warm weather will hold though Thanksgiving so we can enjoy some more riding .  I still have Doctor appointments they sure like to drag it out. Hopefully can get to the end of it by the first of the year. Hopefully we will have a good announcement to make by the first of the year also. Im so excited..
Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving & enjoy your family & remember to Give Thanks.
Oct: This summer has really went fast. The last two horses are here. we have been camping at Brown Co., given some rding instructions to mark and had more Doctor appointments(be glad when I get this over) Booking for 2012 trainings & breedings. Looking forward to a week of vacation & we are taking the two Icelandics with us. report on this when we are back.
Sept.: This was a busy month we started it with camping at Deam Lake with our kids & Grandkids. Then we had the training horses come in. Then we had Special Olympics weekend at Danville In. We always look forward to this and enjoy the kids showing there horses and love their BIG Smiles as they do.  We had the IM-KMSH Club annual trail ride which is always alot of fun. we had 2 Icelandics come for training though Oct. Our son had a birthday with all the regular stuff that comes with horses, training & house up keep. We kept busy..
August: Been off line most of the month due to a bad computer. Hopefully it will stay well for a good while now after many$$$  :)  we have been very busy horses come & go. Right now we have a horse here name Tucker a nice Buckskin. His owners have him for sale if anyone is looking. We are booking for 2012 already so if looking for a horse to be trained early better call & get them booked.
Doing hay todaySat. 2nd And what a HOT day! A young man ,Mark who Harrison works with came to help & brought a friend along. I Thank God for them because with there help I didnt have to help. What a Blessing for this old woman!! Hay making is very hard on me anymore.  No new horses here as of yet. Trooper goes home on Monday. All for now.
One Horse ( one hurt not coming until later) has arrived for training "Trooper" a mountain horse out of our Movin' Moses stallion. We are excited to get to train him & see how he does.  
Wow we are really impressed with Trooper he is smart & has a wonderful gait &
a gentle temperament  He does take after his Daddy. We took him with us to Midwest from June 10-19. We had our IM-KMSH Club Fun Show on June 11 & it was just that a FUN time. Our Granddaughter Abbey 9 years old & her horse Mattie for there very first time took part in the youth Cowboy Extreme Obstacle course. She & Mattie were the only ones to make it though the whole course without any errors & had a good time. GrandPa & Ma were very proud of her.(will post pictures on IM-KMSH face book) After the show weekend we stayed at Midwest for a week of vacation (it was to short) Then the weekend of the "Gaited Ride" 17-19 we gave a clinic on the KMSH Also giving a clinic was Gray Lane it was very informative. . It was a great weekend with a crowd of around 40 or more attending our clinic on the KMSH & many were very interested in the horse. Also many took rides on the KMSH & they all had smiles on their faces. If you missed all this it will be next year at the same time Make sure to come We met alot of nice horse people BUT all Horse people are Great 
We have been invited back so come have fun with us.
Now we are waiting to do hay I hate that job!
 Until July Happy Trails
April has gone Thank Heaven's what a wet month. It made it hard on riding our training horses but we got it done. They have went back home to Ohio & Terre Haute. Their owners were pleased with them when they rode them & then loaded up to go home. Please keep us up to date on how they are doing.
Now we are trying to get our May trainers in here without much Luck. One cut it's head open as it was being loaded and the other one is broke down in Indy.(He made it Yes!) And Cappy will be here.. Hope this is not a sign for May. Im sure all will work out & we can get started on training. Will catch all up as thing process.  Catch-up: We took the training horses Cappy & Mocha for a weekend of riding with the IM-KMSH Club at O'Bannon State Park. It was a fun weekend  a muddy trails & deer tick weekend but the horses done a great job of handling all of it. Two more good trail horses from HGS.
Spring is here & we are already very busy. The Hoosier Horse Fair was excellent. The presentation of the KMSH stallions went great . Harrison & David done an wonderful job showing how versatile the KMSH is and the music was heart touching "In God We Still Trust" and Ghost Riders in the Sky. Gus as we call him made many of kids Happy with the rides he give them, as well as adults alike. We were busy at the booth giving out information on the KMSH and Master's Blue Gusto. Also alot of people were interested in our training. Speaking of training we have 2 horses here from Ohio we are starting to train, one is a KMSH and the other is a walker a pretty spotted adding same color to the farm and a 3rd from Terre Haute a KMSH.
We also want to let everyone know we will be giving a clinic at Midwest Trail Rides on June 18 at 10:00 am. That weekend will be there "Gaited Horse Ride". We would like to invite everyone to come ride with us that weekend and attend the clinic. Gary Lane will also be there giving a clinic. Looking forward to seeing you Until then Happy Trails & God Bless..
Hello everyone We are sure ready for spring & summer after the cold icy winter we had. Right now we are busy getting the camper & Gus ready for the HHF April 1,2 & 3. Hopefully we can get all that Mud off him, sometimes I think they are related to the pig the way they like to roll in the mud. Hope you all will come cheer the KMSHorses on We will be on stallion row & showing each day starting at noon. And make sure to gait on down to our booth & say Howdy. We look forward to seeing you.
We are also busy getting ready for our first two training horses . They are arriving March 26 from Ohio. We have a busy year ahead of us but we enjoy the horses so much. Until we see ya Happy Trails.
Sunday Jan.16 We attended the Annual membership meeting of the Indiana Horse Council. Lots of new changes going on at the Hoosier Horse Fair this year. It was nice visiting we those we knew & meeting a few new ones. Next stop with them will be the Hoosier Horse Fair April 1-3, 2011 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Hope to see you there also & make sure to stop & see us on stallion row with stallion Master's Blue Gusto
So far 2011 is looking good
Right now all we are doing is feeding muddy horses & enjoying the Grandkids before the Big Spring rush.
Everyone that we trained for last year please up date us on how you are doing with your horse. We love to hear from you. july@ticz.com
We invite all to come camp & ride with us anytime.
Until then Happy Trails & God Bless  ,
Gait on around our site, if have any questions call or e-mail us & do gait back by to see whats new at HGS.
Bloodlines of our horses: Blue Smokin' Sambo, Clemon's Tim, Dan's Dusty Action, April's Delight,  Ace, Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown, Dock, Ebony, Black squirrel,Sebastian's Mountain King, Buddy Roe, Dakota, Barlow Chief, Nuncio &  Sewell's Sam all to Tobe
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